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Columbus Finishes 5th as a Team at North Tama Invitational

Columbus traveled to the North Tama Redhawk Invitational for the last regular season tournament of the year. The Sailors put six wrestlers on the podium on the way to a 5th place team finish. Leading the way for the Sailors were Gavin Reed, Max Magayna, and Carson Hartz who were all crowned champions. Sam Hackett and Connor Knudtson finished the day in second place, and Mason Burr finished in third place.

Gavin Reed had a dominant first and second rounds, starting the day off with a tech fall and second period pin to earn a spot in the finals. Facing off against Carter Lamont of Vinton in the finals, he survived a late scare. After working his way to a comfortable third period lead, Gavin was put to his back but managed to hold on and avoid the pin to earn the victory.

Same story, different weekend for #1 ranked Max Magayna. Max was once again dominant in his matches, keeping his undefeated freshman season going with four first period pins. His longest match of the day came against Logan Rausch of North Tama. Max finished that match with a pin in 1:08.

#10 Carson Hartz once again put in a solid day of work. He compiled three bonus point victories heading into the semi-finals matchup. He survived a scare in the semis, after finding himself caught on his back following a throw to start the match. Carson fought off the pin attempt, and finished the match with a pin of his own. In his finals matchup, Carson controlled the match from start to finish to earn the 6-0 victory.

Sailors will be back in action this week on Tuesday with a quad in Jesup. These will be the final regular season duals of the year. Matches will be live streamed on the Columbus Wrestling Facebook page.

North Tama Redhawk Invitational

106- Mason Burr

Vs Bode Astelle (BGM)- W Fall (1:23)

Vs Alden Swanson (Vinton)- L Fall (0:50)

Vs Brody King (Hudson)- W Fall (3:45)

Vs. Case Monat (North Tama)- L Fall (5:20)

Vs Kennedy Pahl (DSM Roosevelt)- W Fall (4:29)

Finished in 3rd place

113- Gavin Reed

Vs Christian Dronebarger (North Tama)- W Tech Fall (4:45)

Vs Sawyer Callahan (BGM)- W Fall (3:01)

Vs Carter Lamont (Vinton)- W Dec 10-7

Finished in 1st place

120- Martin Schmitz

Vs Marshall Rovedo (Montezuma)- L Fall (0:58)

Vs Cole Smith (Baxter)- L Fall (0:16)

Vs Wright Hilpipre (BGM)- L Fall (1:12)

Vs Ben Holton (Husdon)- L Fall (0:22)

Vs DJ Hammes (Sigourney Keota)- L Fall (0:15)

Finished in 6th place

132- Joseph Kwofie

Vs Damon Swenson (Vinton)- L Fall (1:57)

Vs Curtis Gliem (Baxter)- L Fall (2:56)

Vs Braden McCullough (Hudson)- L Fall (0:39)

Vs Alex Guenther (Vinton)- L Fall (3:45)

Vs Braden McCullough (Hudson)- W Fall (5:28)

Finished in 7th place

138- Ella Anderson

Vs Nathan Kucera (North Tama)- L Fall (0:27)

Vs Brad Matthews (Baxter)- L Fall (0:48)

Vs Brady Ortner (Vinton)- L Fall (0:17)

Vs Trey Jochumsen (Hudson)- L Inj Def

Finished in 9th place

138- Sam Hackett

Vs Mason Maschmann (BGM)- W Fall (3:14)

Vs Brandt Dickinson (Vinton)- W Fall (0:32)

Vs Cincere Clark (DSM Roosevelt)- W Fall (0:55)

Vs Brady Ortner (Vinton)- L Dec 7-2

Finished in 2nd place

145- Henry Erie

Vs Evan Dawson (Sigourney Keota)- L Fall 2:14

Vs Ryan Hopwood (BGM)- L Fall (0:59)

Vs Braxton Simpson (Montezuma)- W Fall (1:45)

Vs Derek Fry (Montezuma)- W Fall (4:47)

Vs Ethin Sanders (DSM Roosevelt)- L Fall (2:00)

Finished in 6th place

152- Max Magayna

Vs Talan Zickefosse (Sigourney Keota)- W Fall (0:29)

Vs Blake Carolan (Hudson)- W Fall (0:39)

Vs Logan Rausch (North Tama)- W Fall (1:08)

Vs Blake Carolan (Hudson)- W Fall (0:49)

Finished in 1st place

170- Carson Hartz

Vs Terrance Wesseh (DSM Roosevelt)- W Maj (11-0)

Vs Gavin Richter (Hudson)- W Fall (1:48)

Vs Cade Molyneux (Sigourney Keota)- W Fall 1:06

Vs Curtis Erickson (Vinton)- W Fall (2:49)

Vs Noah Weber (North Tama)- Dec 6-0

Finished in 1st place

220- Connor Knudtson

Vs Clayton McKenna (Vinton)- W Fall (0:39)

Vs Blake Johnson (Hudson)- L Fall (1:52)

Vs Micah Kearns (Baxter)- W Fall (1:26)

Vs LJ Henkle (BGM)- W Dec (10-7)

Vs Martavious Knox (Montezuma)- W Fall (1:17)

Finished in 2nd place

Finished in 5th place as a team- 132 points.

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