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Sailors Pick Up Pair of Dual Wins

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

It has been a busy 10 day stretch for the Sailors, as they were back in action once again this evening playing host to North Tama, AGWSR, and Baxter. Leading the way for the Sailors were six wrestlers posting a perfect 3-0 record on the evening: Gavin Reed, Sam Hackett, Max Magayna, Carson Hartz, Mason Knipp, and Connor Knudtson. Bonus point victories up and down the lineup powered Columbus to victories over Baxter and North Tama. The Sailors were looking to have a clean sweep this evening and go 3-0, unfortunately they fell just short of that goal after a close loss to AGWSR.

“We did end up getting two dual wins tonight, which is big. We have a lot of holes to overcome with missing weights in our lineup, so any time we can come away with a dual victory as a team is a good thing,” said Sailors head coach Denny Boleyn. “We have a couple of guys who are starting to turn a corner for us. Sophomore Mason Burr, who is just getting back into the sport of wrestling after a few years away, showed some really good things tonight. He went 2-1 on the evening and for a newer kid to come out of the evening getting two varsity victories is a real confidence booster.”

Mason Burr was voted man of the match by his teammates after posting two first period pins, and suffering a tough loss to an undefeated wrestler. When asked what he can improve on following his loss, “I really just have to work neutral, staying low and keeping my feet back and being able to capitalize on those positions. I have a lot of work left to do, and there is a lot of thing that I can get better at. As a team I thought we did well tonight, we could have done a little better against AGWSR and picked up that dual win, but sometimes it just happens.”

Sailors are back in action on Saturday in Nashua for what is sure to be a great test for the Sailors. Coach Boleyn is ready for the opportunity. “I’m really excited about heading to Nashua this weekend. There are some really tough 1A schools that are going to be there. On paper it looks like we are going to have some brackets that have 3, 4, even 5 ranked wrestlers so we will see some tough competition. I think our guys are excited as well. We are wrestling at a really high level right now and we are going out there with confidence. It’s always good to go into these tough tournaments on a high note to see where we measure up against some of the best guys in the state.”

Follow along with the action this Saturday with live streams and updates available on the Columbus Sailor Wrestling Facebook page.

Columbus vs AGWSR

106- Mason Burr- W Fall 1:13 over Jaedrek Bowles

113- Gavin Reed- W Fall 2:40 over Coltan Richtsmeier

132- Joseph Kwofie- L Fall 1:44 to Bo Gerbracht

138- Sam Hackett- W Fall 1:47 over Zach Johnson

145- Henry Erie- L Fall 1:52 to Jayden Bowles

160- Max Magayna- W Fall 0:48 over Ben Puente

170- Carson Hartz- W Dec. 6-3 over Jacob Haley

195- Mason Knipp- W Fall 1:19 over Aiden Heitland

220- Connor Knudtson- W Fall 0:52 over Jared Granzow

Final Score Columbus 39- AGWSR 42

Columbus vs Baxter

106- Mason Burr- W Fall 0:31 over Kailee Conradi

120- Gavin Reed- W Fall 1:57 over Cole Smith

132- Joseph Kwofie- L Fall 3:20 to Curtis Gliem

138- Sam Hackett- W Fall 0:59 over Kolton Hill

145- Henry Erie- W Dec. 7-5 over Brad Matthews

160- Max Magayna- W Fall 0:37 over Callyn Bishop

170- Carson Hartz- W Fall 0:42 over Jacob Hiemstra

195- Mason Knipp- W Forfeit

220- Connor Knudtson- W Forfeit

Final Score- Columbus 45- Baxter 18

Columbus vs North Tama

106- Mason Burr- L Fall 1:24 to Case Monat

113- Gavin Reed- W Fall 1:07 over Christian Dronebarger

132- Ella Anderson- L Fall 0:41 to Drayke Podhajsky

138- Joseph Kwofie- W Forfeit

145- Sam Hackett- W Fall 1:34 over Nathan Kucera

152- Henry Erie- L Fall 0:37 to Logan Rausch

160- Max Magayna- W Fall 0:50 over Ashton Bradley

182- Carson Hartz- W Forfeit

195- Mason Knipp- W Forfeit

220- Connor Knudtson- W Forfeit

Final Score- Columbus 41-North Tama 30

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