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SMC Club Practice Starts October 24th

2023/2024 Sailor Mat Club season is set to begin November 1st. Practices for the upcoming year will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-7:45 PM in the Columbus Wrestling Room. 

Cost for the upcoming club season will be $50. This fee will include the club t-shirt for the year, entry into the Black Friday tournament hosted by the Club, and weekly practices. This year we will not be running the girls only practice on Monday nights. If interest and numbers warrant the girls only practice in the future, that is something we would love to reintroduce. We will re-evaluate that as the need arises. 

All Sailor Mat Club participants are required to obtain an AAU card. Proof of an AAU card will be required to attend practice. AAU cards are available online at

To sign up for Sailor Mat Club, Click the forms tab at the top of this web page and fill out the SMC sign up form, as well as the CVCS hold harmless form. Club fees can be paid online through the club store tab at the top of this webpage. 

If you are unfamiliar with the location of the Columbus Wrestling Room. You will enter Columbus using door 14, on the east side of the school, closest to the football field. Enter door 14 and take the staircase to the right up to the wrestling room. 

Black Friday Sailor Classic

The Black Friday Sailor Classic will return for the 2023/2024 season.  This youth tournament will be held on Black Friday, November 24th at Columbus High School. This is a Pre K-8th grade tournament that will be held in two sessions. Pre K-4 weigh ins will be 7:30 am- 8:15 with wrestling to begin as soon as brackets are completed. 5-8th grade weigh ins will be 10:30-11:15am with wrestling to begin as soon as brackets are completed. Tournament format is a 4 man round robin with the champion receiving the coveted turkey trophy, 2-4th place receiving medals. Cost for the tournament is $20 with pre-registration, $30 for walk ins. Wrestlers can register at



June 6, 2020

Sailor Mat Club is proud to unveil our new and improved logo. We have chosen to keep the Sailor tradition alive and thriving with the traditional green and white color scheme, as well as the nautical imagery of an anchor and compass. 

A compass was chosen to represent guidance. For sailors, the compass was one of the most valuable pieces of equipment that they owned. The compass was used to always guide them to the right path, even through troubled seas and unfamiliar waters. Like the compass, Sailor Mat Club supports our Sailor athletes and will continue to guide them through troubled seas. 

The anchor was chosen as a nod to past logos adopted by Sailor Mat Club. As a club, we believe that tradition is important; and we will continue to preserve the tradition of Columbus Sailor wrestling. In addition to the traditional Sailor reference, the anchor serves as a reminder that we are anchored in Christ. Faith is one of the ways that we distinguish ourselves from our peers, and the principles of our faith drive all of our interactions. 

Look for the new logo on all official club apparel this upcoming year!

bmap 2.jpg


Sailor Mat Club would like to welcome you to the club for the upcoming year. Club membership for the upcoming season is $50. Membership will cover the club t-shirt for the year, admittance for the annual Black Friday Sailor Classic tournament hosted by the club, admittance to the Hawkeye Nationals tournament at Young Arena, as well as coaching and practices running from October through February. All club members are required to have a current AAU card, and an AAU card is required to be able to attend practice. AAU cards are available online at BMAP wrestlers are welcome and encouraged to attend club practices at no cost. Checks can be made payable to Sailor Mat Club and will be collected at the first practice. Online payments are available in the club store by selecting the "annual membership". In addition to completing the sign up form, the hold harmless form must also be completed for each athlete. All forms can be found under the forms section in the  site menu bar. 


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